Nation's Top Beef Processors Use Handheld Meat-Inspection Device as Food Safety Tool

SEBASTIAN, Fla. -- eMerge Interactive, Inc., a technology company providing food safety, individual-animal tracking and supply-procurement services to the beef-production industry, announces that the nation's top five beef processors have selected the VerifEYE Solo meat-inspection system as a value-added arsenal in their meat quality programs.

VerifEYE Solo is a lightweight and portable machine-vision system that instantly detects microscopic traces of organic contamination that can harbor bacteria such as E. coli 0157:H7, Salmonella and Listeria. Approximately the size and weight of a video camera, the handheld device displays surface contamination at a glance and can be used in meat-processing, distribution and grocery environments, to help workers zero in on organic contamination, ensuring a safer and more wholesome meat product.

"The VerifEYE technology helps us see what the human eye can not see and can significantly impact beef-processing quality control measures," said Matt Osborn, a food scientist with Excel Corporation, a leading U.S. beef processor and wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill Incorporated. "It provides us with another verification to ensure our quality remains the highest in the industry."

Source: eMerge Interactive, Inc.