New In-Service Training Program Available for Chlorascrub

Professional Disposables International, Inc. (PDI®) has introduced a new in-service training program designed to educate healthcare personnel including infection preventionists, physicians, and nurses on the use of Chlorascrub™. Chlorascrub™ is a preoperative and preinjection(1) skin preparation with a unique 3.15 percent w/v chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG)/70 percent v/v isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation.

The Chlorascrub™ In-service Training Program from PDI is a comprehensive program that facilitates product usage training and continuing education. Some of the key educational tools in the program include a user guide DVD, a clinical compendium, a PowerPoint presentation, instructional wall charts and other useful tools. Healthcare facilities interested in participating in the training program may do so by calling (800) 999-6423.

With its clinically proven efficacy, Chlorascrub™ can help prevent bloodstream infections and thereby reduce associated cost. Chlorascrub™ is available in three one-step delivery systems: Maxi Swabstick, Swabstick and Swab. Chlorascrub™ is available in individual peel-apart(2) packaging ideal for use in sterile environments. Chlorascrub™ is approved by the FDA for inclusion in kits.

For 30 years, PDI has pioneered the development, testing, manufacturing and marketing of pre-moistened wipes as the optimum delivery system for skin antisepsis, hand hygiene, patient and surface care.  With trusted brands including Sani-Cloth®, Sani-Hands® ALC, Sani-Hands® for Kids, Hygea® and Chlorascrub™, PDI serves the healthcare market through hospitals, physician and dental offices, emergency medical services, long-term care, schools and a variety of other healthcare facilities.  Professional Disposables International, Inc. is headquartered in Orangeburg, N.Y.  For more information, visit

1. Chlorascub™ Swab is approved for preinjection use

2. Available for Chlorascrub™ Swabstick and Maxi Swabstick only