Nextteq Introduces SARS/TB Isolation Rooms Test Kit for OSHA Compliant Monitoring

TAMPA, Fla. -- Nextteq introduces its new Negative Pressure Test Kit to monitor the negative pressure in SARS isolation rooms. Incorporating a non-corrosive smoke tube, the Nextteq Negative Pressure Isolation Room Test Kit, No. 2106, is a reliable, non-invasive, simple and cost effective method to safely monitor the direction of air flow from a negative-pressure isolation room.

Less expensive than differential measurements and with no maintenance requirements, Nextteq's Negative Pressure Isolation Room Test Kit can be easily used by non-technical personnel. The remote test protects patients from unnecessary isolation room entry and is designed to protect medical staff from contamination and the spread of infectious disease.

The lightweight test kit is comprised of six plastic smoke generating tubes with two years shelf life, a one-hand pre-calibrated aspiration bulb pump, and two smoke tube stoppers; everything needed to determine the flow and velocity of negative-pressure air currents. No electrical power, batteries or pump calibration is required with Nextteq Kit No. 2106.

To use, simply crush the two ampoules in the tube. Next, attach the tube to the aspiration bulb pump. By the entrance to the isolation room at floor level, gently squeeze the bulb pump to generate a small amount of dense, white smoke. The non-corrosive, non-flammable smoke should travel in the direction of the negative pressure isolation room. Once you have completed testing, plug both ends with the smoke tube stoppers and store for future testing.

Source: Nextteq