North American Ambulance Alliance Selects Sempermed as Exclusive Glove Supplier

PALM HARBOR -- Fla. -- Sempermed has been selected to be the exclusive disposable glove supplier to members of the North American Ambulance Alliance (N3A). The products chosen by the members of N3A include powder-free latex and synthetic medical grade gloves.

N3A's mission is to establish successful group purchasing arrangements that help lower the cost of doing business for ambulance services. This is very similar to bulk purchasing in the retail industry and also hospital formularies.

Coinciding with this idea, the N3A Medical Supply Formulary Survey was established to let N3A members decide which vendors will supply various products to the formulary. According to N3A's founder, Phillip Holowka, "The N3A is enthusiastic about the formulary approach, because it gives our members the best product at the best possible cost."

Sempermed produces gloves at its own facilities, and has more than 175 years of manufacturing heritage.

Source: Sempermed