Other Than a Surgical Mask, Is There Anything Else We Can Do To Protect Ourselves From SARS and Similar Airborne Viruses? Dr. Herb Ross Says There Is

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- The SARS infection is spread not only by touch but also by viral coating on microdroplets expelled in human coughing, sneezing, talking and respiration to those nearby. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventpion (CDC), a surgical mask is helpful but does not stop all of the microdroplets from reaching the nose, mouth and eyes.

The Minimate AS150MM has been extensively tested under strict laboratory conditions, including aircraft cabin simulation by leading aerosol authorities and microbiologists at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. Their toxic aerosol exposure assessment laboratories concluded that the AS150MM can substantially reduce the concentration of toxic aerosols from .3 to 3 microns, which are the respirable fraction that settles deep in the lungs to cause infection.

The results were presented to the European Aerosol Conference in Leipzig and were published in the Journal of Aerosol Science seminar issue.

The AS150MM creates a toxic particle exclusion zone in front of the wearer's mouth nose and eyes. The unit substantially repels these ionically charged particles including bacteria viral microdroplets, dust, smoke, pollens, allergens or anything that is light enough to float in the air away from the breathing zone.

Considerable testing also indicates that the AS150MM ionic space charge is a lethal environment for many types of germs so those that are not repelled may be killed before entering the breathing zone.

According to experts who peer reviewed the studies, the physical concentration reduction does not depend on the infectivity of the particle as long as it is affected by the forces of electrostatics, diffusion, turbulence and gravity. It can be the most lethal pathogen known to man, but it will still be controlled by these physical forces.

In addition, surgical masks may be coated with viral microdroplets very near a user's mouth, nose and eyes, whereas the Air Supply Minimate AS150MM repels these SARS microdroplets or any aerosol away from the wearer and does not store these infectious agents on the surface. The mask also does not protect the eyes at all. For added protection, the Minimate together with a surgical mask could also be employed.

"I am a frequent flyer and would not be without my Air Supply Minimate. I also wear it in all public areas, such as sporting events, malls and movie theaters. We live in an environmentally dangerous world and it is imperative that we protect ourselves in all ways possible," said Dr. Herb Ross, internationally known alternative health practitioner.

More details about the Minimate may be found at: http://www.qlinkworks.com/minimate.htm

Source: Dr. Herb Ross