PDI Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes Deliver 360-Degree Approach to Hand Hygiene


PDI, a leader in the continual development of hand hygiene and infection prevention products and solutions, announces the launch of new comprehensive educational resources and product enhancements for its Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes. The innovations will provide consistent education for healthcare staff, patients and visitors as well as increase the convenience of hand hygiene options.

The recently released Patient Hand Hygiene Education Video is intended to help Sani-Hands® customers educate patients about proper hand hygiene. The video uses quick and easy-to-understand narration and graphics to explain how, when, and why a patient should clean their hands throughout their healthcare experience. It also empowers the patient to speak up regarding their care and explains their role as a partner in helping to prevent infections. The video is available in multiple formats and compatible with most in-house communication systems. To download or request a copy of the video for use in your facility, visit www.pdihc.com/patientvideo or contact your local PDI territory sales manager.

“Patient hand hygiene is extremely important and often overlooked as an opportunity for meaningful engagement in infection prevention for all hospitalized patients – particularly those who are bedbound,” says John Dabney, associate product manager at PDI. “We at PDI believe that we must establish a dialogue to help patients understand provider’s responsibility as well as their own. This can help positively impact both outcomes and the bottom line.”

Positive engagement and communication with patients can directly impact a patient’s experience with a hospital stay, a key element of the Hospital Consumer Assessment Health Plans Survey (HCAHPS). Scores from these surveys determine whether a hospital will receive 1 percent to 2 percent of Medicare reimbursement each year. To understand additional strategies to improve HCHAPS scores visit PDI’s website for its Infection Prevention Educational Resources. 

As part of the PDI infection prevention commitment, the company introduced Sani-Hands in a new 70 percent ethyl alcohol formulation, making it the only FDA-approved 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizing wipe available in the U.S. market.  This includes Sani-Hands individual packets (re-order #D43600) and canister products (reorder numbers P13472 and P15984).  The new 70 percent formulation meets the stringent evidence-based guidelines from both the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) for hand hygiene in the healthcare settings. Both CDC and WHO recommend the use of a high alcohol-based hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration between 60 percent and 90 percent when hands are not visibly soiled.  In addition, Sani-Hands Individual Hand Sanitizing Wipes (re-order # D43600B) are now provided in a 2000-count bulk package to encourage point of use dispensing.

“Our goal is to make effective hand hygiene products that are easily accessible to everyone in a healthcare facility. This includes staff, patients and visitors. This new bulk delivery format will allow for easy storage and access to individual alcohol-based hand sanitizing wipes for placement on dietary trays and in procedural kits,” says Dabney.

Source: PDI

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