Portex, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of the MPS Acacia Line of Sharps Safety Products

KEENE, N.H. -- Portex, Inc., announces the acquisition of the MPS Acacia line of sharps safety products, from MPS Acacia, Inc. in Brea, CA. The acquired products include: Saf-T-Wing Blood Collection Sets, Needleless Blood Collection and Transfer sets, as well as the CVS2 TM Closed Collection System. Customer service, marketing, inventory and production operations are all being transferred to Portex's Keene, NH facility. Portex will be marketing these products as Portex Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Sets, Portex needleless blood transfer devices, and Portex Saf-T Closed Blood Collection System TM devices.

This acquisition of safety blood collection products completes the portfolio of Portex Sharps Safety Products for laboratories, which also includes Venipuncture Needle-Pro devices, blood collection needles, Blood Draw Hypodermic Needle-Pro devices, Futura Saf-T Lance lancets, and Pro-Vent Arterial Blood Sampling Syringes.

Portexr Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Sets offer winged needle safety for delicate blood draws, with product configurations that include three different needle sizes, two tubing lengths, and with or without pre-attached Saf-T Holder device. The Saf-T Holder device incorporates a multi-sample luer adapter, therefore protecting healthcare workers from back-end needle exposures as well as prohibiting holder re-use, ensuring compliance with OSHA directives.

Portex needleless blood transfer devices are used to transfer blood drawn from a syringe into a vacuum tube or blood culture bottle for laboratory analysis. Portex offers two configurations of transfer devices, both of which utilize the Saf-T Holder device.

Portex Saf-T Closed Blood Collection System devices are available for either needleless sampling from an indwelling line, or for winged needle sampling. Blood can be collected directly with a vacuum tube, or first from a syringe and then directly transferred to a vacuum tube, all within a completely closed system, thus reducing the opportunity for nosocomial infections to enter the patient's bloodstream. Saf-T Closed Blood Collection System devices are also available with an additional line for drawing waste blood and/or for reinfusing conserved blood in volume-compromised patients.

Brenda Beauchamp, Director of Marketing, Global Needle Safety and Arterial Blood Sampling Products, commented "We are very excited about this new line of safety blood collection products, further demonstrating our commitment to protecting healthcare workers against needlestick injuries. Portex, Inc. continues to establish itself as a leader in Sharps Safety, and this new line of products is yet another example of our continuing effort to bring the latest in safety technology to the market."

Headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, Portex, Inc. is part of Smiths Group plc, London, and manufactures a wide range of single-use medical devices for the worldwide market.

Source: Portex