Precept Medical Products, Inc. Separates its OR Business Unit From its Core Protective Apparel Business

ARDEN, N.C. --  Precept Medical Products, Inc. announces that it will separate its UltraGard surgical pack, drape and operating room gown business from its core Protective Apparel business effective Nov. 1, 2008.

Precept Medical Products, Inc. will continue to manufacture and market the Precept® brand line of Protective Apparel products. These products have been sold under the Precept® brand since the 1970’s, and include face masks, ice packs, isolation gowns, scrub apparel, coveralls, lab coats and other products in its Protective Apparel catalogue.  

Precept UltraGard LLC (UltraGard) was formed in 2006 to own the UltraGard™ line of surgical pack, drape and OR gown products. These products were sold as the White Knight® brand since the 1970s, and since 1998 as its UltraGard™ brand of SMS fabric products.  It also offers surgical drape and OR gown products made from Dupont’s Softesse® fabric. UltraGard serves the sterile field product needs of its end user customers.

This separation will better align both businesses to better serve two separate customer product/market needs and distribution channels and will ultimately allow each business to be more focused and effective.