Product Locator: November 2022

Infection Control TodayInfection Control Today, November 2022, (Vol. 26, No. 9)
Volume 26
Issue 9

Infection Control Today's® Product Locator is a monthly column highlighting some of the latest advanced technology in the infection prevention field.

To help improve the vital work of those infection preventionists, nurses, and physicians in the infection control field, Infection Control Today® searches for interesting, supportive, and innovative products. These are this month's picks.

Bionova Cloud

To save time, energy, and expenses, sterilization departments need to optimize workflow. Bionova Cloud by Terragene can help customers reach the highest level of accuracy and efficacy for every step of the material reprocessing cycle. The software's quality controls are complete and automatic for easy and correct interpretation, which allows close monitoring of washing, hygiene, disinfection, and sterilization processes simultaneously. Because these quality controls are not done manually, the process saves time and produces more accurate results with less effort, which is vital in the modern-day health care environment.

Bionova Cloud’s efficient and accurate monitoring covers washing, which uses more indicators, automatic interpretation, automatic registration, and easy handling. Sterilization includes digital databases and autoclaves' daily release (BD Veritor Plus System test) with automatic interpretation and registration.

The chemical monitoring includes automatic interpretation and registration and biological monitoring. Bionova Cloud is a separate Biological Indicator manufacturer for all sterilization-process monitoring, and it has sterilizer-related statistical analysis.

The Bionova Cloud is easy to handle, and the digital databases maintain the data your company needs.

Integra Biosciences

Integra Biosciences is an international manufacturing company that produces various types of pipettes, microplate dispensers, pipette software, and other products necessary for the liquid handling and media preparation applications for research, diagnostics, and quality control laboratories. Their website also has a blog post about safe practices in the lab environment. Based on that post, Integra created a poster of key information about working in a lab environment, including how to handle exposure to potentially harmful biological agents, such as personal protection, best practices for managing lab waste, and dealing with accidents. Best of all, the poster is free to download.

One of Integra’s featured new products is the D-One single-channel pipetting module for Assist Plus, which offers automated normalization, hit picking, master mix preparation at a touch, and many other applications to make lab work easier. The Assist Plus pipetting robot enables hands-free transfers from individual tubes or wells. 

Pegasus PolyCart

The medical cart is one of the most important products in the health care environment for ensuring that patient care is quick, efficient, and streamlined. The Pegasus PolyCart made from 100% antimicrobial polymer material is an answer to every health care setting’s medical storage issues.

Some of the special features of the lightweight yet rigid and durable PolyCart include its modular construction and exceptionally high level of disinfection with no bacteria accumulation. The polypropylene it is made of provides high resistance to various cleaning materials while resisting the usual rust or corrosion. The best part is the easily dividable drawers.

The PolyCart is available in 3 heights and many different configurations and drawer depths. The variations are created for medication, anesthesia, multiuse, emergency, procedure, and isolation.

Additionally, there are many other accessories or add-ons for the PolyCart, including a defibrillator arm, cardiac board, side and waste baskets, laptop and Video Electronics Standards Association arm options, intravenous poles, and more. Finally, the PolyCarts come in various colors for easy identification.

Zuno Smart Sterilization Container

The Zuno Smart Sterilization Container, made by Zuno Medical, an innovative technology company, has received US Food and Drug Administration de novo clearance. This is the first sterilization container with instant sterile barrier verification and real-time monitoring for reliable processing. This new technology will save time and money and create a stronger connection between operating room and sterile processing by eliminating processing delays.

The Zuno smart containers are reusable and intended for health care workers to use to hold another medical device that needs to be sterilized with prevacuum steam sterilization cycles. These containers maintain sterility after removal from the sterilizer until the medical device is used, and they monitor the sterile barrier integrity status and deliver the information to users.

The validation of the Zuno smart containers allows for the sterilization of its contents in prevacuum steam sterilizers. The parameters are 132 °C sterilization temperature, 4-minute sterilization, and 30-minute drying time.

The containers have no blue wrap or polypropylene disposables, eliminating operating room waste. Without delayed cases due to process failures, operating room delays are substantially decreased. Best of all, the Zuno containers are maintenance-free.

Allan McNichol, CEO of Zuno Medical, told Infection Control Today®, “Getting electronic monitoring to work in a harsh environment such as a steam autoclave was no easy task. We are proud and excited to deliver a solution that saves time [and] money and above all else prevents compromised instruments from entering the operating room.”

Chaplet’s Sterilization Baskets

Chaplet International (Private) Limited is a leader in high-quality sterilization baskets for dental, surgical, arthroscopic, and endoscopic instruments baskets that are used by millions of health care workers around the world. The company has a high-tech research and development team to develop baskets that will meet surgeons’ high standards and requirements.

Baskets and accessories for the sterilization of surgical, medical, dental, and veterinary instruments are available in various sizes and designs that accommodate a wide range of instruments. Chaplet also has new products for dental and surgical operating instruments, including dozens of sizes of wire mesh baskets with many options for lids. Also, because they manufacture the baskets and trays, the company can create custom products for any customer need. They also have fine-mesh boxes in many sizes, available with a separate top cover, removable hinges, and catch locks. These have a burr-free, smooth finish and an electrolyte polish.

“Our ISO [International Organization for Standardization] 13485-certified high-tech facility manufactures FDA-compliant sterilization baskets and trays using 150 years’ experience in making precise hand tools. Based on our learnings and new research, we continue to develop innovative products,” noted the company in a press release.

Pakistan-based Chaplet International (Private) Limited has offices in the United States and Canada, and they can ship anywhere in the world.

Tristel DUO

Tristel Duo, a chlorine dioxide foam, is a cleaner free of alcohol and bleach. It is bacterial, fungicidal, and virucidal, enabling it to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 1 minute, and can inactivate human papillomavirus type 16 and type 18 on transvaginal ultrasound probes at 30 seconds. Health care workers can deliver the foam onto any dry wipe, making it efficient and economical.

The Tristel Duo foam is safe for ultrasound transducers as well as the disinfection of a broad range of medical surfaces and equipment, including cables, probes, holders, and plugs, making it convenient for disinfecting. It also has the approval of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To create the foam, Tristel Duo’s unique dosing bottle has 2 compartments, each with its own solution. The first contains Tristel Duo Part A solution (sodium chlorite); the second contains Tristel Duo Part B solution, (citric acid). When the pump is pressed, the 2 solutions are mixed and the chlorine dioxide foam is created.

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