Proventix Celebrates 50 Million Hand Hygiene Events Monitored With Its nGage RFID System


Proventix Systems, Inc., a RFID technology company of Birmingham, Ala., joins its clients in celebrating 50 million monitored hand hygiene events with its nGage™ automated hand-hygiene monitoring system. Through the nGage system's continuous 24/7 monitoring, Proventix has collected what it believes is the world's leading database of hand hygiene and correlated workflow events. This large database provides hospitals with the robust analytics to accurately benchmark hand hygiene performance and develop action plans for patient safety and satisfaction.

Proper hand hygiene has long been accepted as the most effective means of reducing and eliminating the unnecessary spread of infections in hospitals. These infections are responsible for staggering human and economic losses in hospitals worldwide. Responding to the need for improved hand hygiene, Proventix created the nGage system, a RFID technology solution that monitors and promotes hand hygiene behaviors in healthcare institutions. nGage monitoring begins with hand hygiene and also includes hourly rounding, workflow improvement, asset tracking, temperature monitoring and other device interactions. In an increasingly difficult and uncertain regulatory environment, Proventix provides the analytics and action plans needed for hospitals to maximize their resources and minimize inefficient processes. The nGage system is currently installed in hospitals across the United States, and Proventix continues to gather significant amounts of data for studies to support the nGage system, many of which may be found on our website.

Proventix clients have achieved an 82.2 percent aggregate increase in hand hygiene compliance and a 106.5 percent aggregate increase in hand hygiene solution dispensing when comparing the first month of service to their most recent month of service. In addition, Proventix clients experience reduced infection rates, fewer patient days, improved patient satisfaction and reduced pharmaceutical and readmission costs through improved adherence to hand hygiene guidelines.

"Proventix congratulates our partners in excellence for their recognition as leaders in quality improvement," says Harvey Nix, Proventix chief executive officer. "Proventix believes that you cannot improve on what you do not know or accurately measure, and the milestone of 50 million monitored hand hygiene events and correlated workflow events demonstrates that with the right data, hospitals can improve hand hygiene and experience its broad impacts. Proventix helps hospitals make a difference in patient safety and satisfaction, and that evidence is in the data we are seeing."

The nGage system also provides a robust tool for infection outbreak investigation by giving easy access to detailed data around caregiver workflow, hand-hygiene activity and patient location. Using these tools, researchers have successfully identified likely instances of C. difficile and Influenza A cross-transmission between patients.

"These investigations enabled infection prevention, quality and patient safety personnel to target their infection prevention strategies and provide specific data for education and behavior modification," says David Sellers, vice president of clinical research. "This data allows Proventix to provide detailed reports and insights to hospitals and provides hospitals with a benchmark with which to compare their performance."

Source: Proventix Systems, Inc.

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