Publisher's Note

Everywhere you turn there is increasing regulation. Guidelines, rules, regulations, laws, mandates, directives, executive orders are increasing in number and complexity. Everywhere you turn there is change: reorganization, computerization, internetization, de-centralization, centralization, relocation, dislocation, and consolidation.

A basic rule of being successful in today's healthcare world as well as the world in general is awareness and flexibility. You must create your own way of staying informed, of being aware. Interpreting the rapidly changing environment around you requires commitment and energy. At no time in our history have we been so swamped with volumes of information. It's not the information age; it's the information blitz. At no time in our history have we had such free access to information or such speedy access to information. These are all records that will be exceeded tomorrow morning.

The trick is to filter out the information that is useful to you. You have to decide what fits this criteria. This is a real trick. So much of the info swarming around is not applicable to us and distracts us from the information that can be used. Granted, some of the information floating around has entertainment value. After all, it is important to be entertained. However, it shortly becomes a matter of priorities. You must do the sorting out. I suggest transforming yourself into a receptor--a finely tuned one that has a filter that separates only the information you need.

If you scan the horizon in a complete 360º circle you can easily be overwhelmed, seemly drowned by information into a sea of babble. Here's where Infection Control Today® comes to the rescue. If you're involved in a perioperative healthcare profession, we provide targeted information so that you can do your work better, more efficiently. Let us know how we can help you in the future as well. We're your trade journal, after all.

Craig Burr