Purells Packaging Goes Green

GOJO Industries announces that PURELL® Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer packaging incorporates technology resulting in lightweight recyclable refill bottles for dispensers that are projected to save hundreds of tons of plastics annually.

PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer, from GOJO Industries and available in the U.S. only, is made with 100 percent naturally renewable ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula.  It's the world's first EcoLogo™ certified hand sanitizer.

Sustainable thinking extends into the hand sanitizer packaging via GOJO® SMART FLEX™ technology, a new lightweight, recyclable PET refill bottle made with 30 percent less material but has the durability of a standard HDPE bottle.

"Our hand sanitizer packaging demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and dedication to provide a complete portfolio of GOJO GREEN HYGIENE™ Solutions promoting health and well-being while reducing environmental impacts," said Joe Kanfer, GOJO chairman and CEO. "We estimate our Smart FLEX hand sanitizer packaging will save more than 250 tons of plastic packaging a year across all products within our dispensed systems."

The EcoLogo certification acknowledges the product meets the Instant Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Products standard (CCD-170) for environmental leadership. PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer meets USDA's BioPreferred program for biobased content.

"Using PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer is a healthy decision for people, places and the environment," Kanfer said.

PURELL Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness and helps condition skin with a natural moisturizer in a fragrance-free and dye-free formulation. It is available for away-from-home markets including education, office, healthcare, government and military.

For information, call the GOJO Customer Interaction Center (CIC) at 1-800-321-9647.  Visit www.gojo.com/PURELLGreen.

*First to meet an independent, 3rd party, type-1 Ecolabel environmental standard for hand antiseptics.