Q&A: Is There an Infection Preventionist in the House?

Infection preventionists and their skills will be in high demand in coming years in non-healthcare settings.

Jason Tetro thinks that the demand for infection prevention expertise will grow well beyond the confines of healthcare settings. Tetro, author of the The Germ Code and The Germ Files, and host of the popular podcast series, The Super Awesome Science Show, talks to Infection Control Today® about how private industry and public institutions will need to lean on infection preventionists. Tetro predicts that we’ll see infection preventionists in areas such as food processing, travel conveyances, and even theater or sporting events. And, if not infection preventionists themselves, then people who’ve been trained by infection preventionists. Infection prevention will become as much a part of workplace—and any other place where people gather—as CPR is now. There will at least be someone in the crowd who knows the rudimentary IP skills, and who will also know how to get a certified infection preventionist on the scene pronto.