Restore Nitrile Exam Gloves Receive National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance

Healthcare workers following hand hygiene protocols are 4.5 times more likely to suffer from moderate to severe skin damage than any other profession. Compliance is critical to patient safety. And now, leading medical supplier and innovator Medline is demonstrating how safety and skin care can be achieved in one pair of gloves.

Using an ingredient known for its natural ability to soothe irritated skin, Medline coated its Restore™ nitrile exam gloves with colloidal oatmeal. Now, this unique union has received The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™. The National Eczema Association (NEA), a patient-oriented organization guided by physicians and scientists, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who suffer from eczema and sensitive skin. The NEA Seal further helps these individuals to make informed purchasing decisions and recognize products that are suitable for use.

“We are committed to finding new ways to help clinicians perform at their very best,” says Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ, chief nursing officer at Medline. “This recognition helps us bring even greater attention to the important and overlooked link between hand hygiene compliance and skin care. We know that hands are a clinician’s most valuable set of tools of healing. Now, organizational leaders have one more way to help their employees’ well-being and patient safety.”

Products eligible for the NEA Seal of Acceptance are those that have been created or intended for use by people with eczema or severe sensitive skin conditions and that have satisfied the NEA Seal of Acceptance criteria. The Seal of Acceptance criteria includes the review of testing results on sensitivity, safety and toxicity, as well as ingredient and formulation data.

Since launching the Restore exam gloves, Medline has invited healthcare professionals across the country to take a 10-day break from the usual gloves they don and replace them with Restore nitrile gloves. The swap out allows them to experience how the colloidal oatmeal-coated gloves can help soothe and moisturize hands that are constantly being washed, scrubbed and sanitized. Nearly a thousand clinicians have already taken the Restore 10-Day Challenge and feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Check out a recent Q&A with a leading researcher on the topic of hand hygiene compliance and skin health at Medline’s “The Voices of Healthcare” blog by visiting

Source: Medline Industries