Sage Products Introduces M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths

Sage Products LLC introduces M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths For the Foley Catheterized Patient. This new product was created to improve the meatal cleansing process by reducing infection risk factors and increasing compliance, hygiene and patient comfort.

Procedural guidelines for proper meatal cleansing are not very specific or well defined, which can lead to significant process variation. “The professional guidelines are not very prescriptive,” says Ann Marie Pettis RN, BSN, CIC, director of infection prevention at University of Rochester Medical Center. “What we’re trying to do is standardize care. When you talk to nurses at the bedside, it’s variable in terms of what’s done,” Pettis said.

“There really is an unmet need here. Meatal cleansing is often not being done consistently or properly. This new product can therefore help on both counts,” says Pettis. M-Care Cloths are to be used as part of a patient cleansing protocol to improve hygiene and adherence to infection control policy. Performing hand hygiene, donning fresh gloves and using a dedicated package of M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths will help standardize meatal hygiene in healthcare facilities.      

“It makes good sense-if you keep the patient clean, then the chances for microorganisms getting into the bladder are less. And it’s something we always took for granted we were doing-but not in a standardized fashion on a routine basis. Use of this product can help us achieve that standardization-I think it’s a win-win,” says Pettis. 

M-Care Cloths can easily be incorporated into a meatal cleansing process, or at the end of a bathing or incontinence cleanup routine to minimize variation and provide a rinse-free, hygienic alternative to soap, basins and hospital tap water. The ultra-soft cloths are available in single or multi-pack options for convenient use at bedside and are backed by Sage’s personalized in-service training and education, utilization management, and outcomes measurement programs.

Source: Sage Products LLC