Sage Products Poll Reveals Top Infection Control Prevention Priorities

Sage Products, Inc. recently conducted an opinion poll that found that infection control practitioners’ (ICPs) top infection prevention priorities are (in order of priority):

1. Multiple drug-resistant organisms (MDROs), 28%

2. Surgical site infections, 24%

3. Bloodstream infections, 22%

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and hospital-acquired pneumonia equally ranked fourth at 13 percent. In addition, of the more than 240 ICPs polled, 48 percent believe bath basins are a source of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Forty-one percent do not believe that bath basins are a source of HAIs and 11 percent are unsure.

Sage Products offers two solutions to help ICPs address infection protection. Sage® 2 percent Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Cloths - the first and only FDA-approved preoperative skin prep in a cloth – addresses multi-drug resistant organisms on patients’ skin, reduces the risk of surgical site infections and helped one facility experience a 66 percent reduction over a 10-month period. Comfort Bath®, prepackaged bathing washcloths that deliver hygienic cleansing in just one step, eliminating the need for bath basins. One hospital saw an increase in UTIs when it discontinued use of the washcloths in its intensive care unit in favor of the soap and water sponge bath.

Source: Sage Products, Inc.