SANIGUARD Alliance Debuts at Annual APIC Meeting

LAKEWOOD, N.J. — Component Hardware Group (CHG), the manufacturer of SANIGUARD® antimicrobial, introduces the SANIGUARD Alliance, a partnership of independent companies that are committed to the use of SANIGUARD, an inorganic, silver-based antimicrobial treatment, on their plumbing and hardware products for the healthcare market.

“Silver-based antimicrobial products are becoming more and more accepted by the healthcare industry as a way to reduce the growth of various microorganisms on treated surfaces,” said Tom Carr, president of CHG.  “We have formed this alliance with leading plumbing and hardware manufacturers to better promote inorganic, silver-based antimicrobial products to the healthcare market and to educate the industry on the benefits our products can provide to their healthcare facilities.”

The SANIGUARD Alliance, which is comprised of Component Hardware Group, Sloan Valve Co., McGuire Mfg. Co., Leonard Valve Co., Haws Co. and Townsteel, made its debut earlier this week at the annual meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) held in Denver.

“Members of APIC are on the front line in the battle against healthcare-acquired infections and have been instrumental in proving the efficacy of SANIGUARD antimicrobial products in the healthcare environment,” stated Carr. “Recent evidence-based testing conducted by Barbara Hornaday at Columbia Basin Hospital in Ephrata, Wash. proved that SANIGUARD works and her results were recently published as a white paper by Infection Control Today magazine. Additional testing is also being conducted at MetroHealthHospital in Wyoming, Mich. and at TahlequahCityHospital in Oklahoma.”

The SANIGUARD Alliance supplies antimicrobial products such as flush valves, P-traps, drains, door hardware, bedpan washers and flushers, hand showers and shower valves, water fountains and bubblers, faucets and pre-rinse units for use in patient rooms, public restrooms and commercial kitchens. These products actively inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, molds and fungi for the expected life of the product.

Source: Component Hardware Group