Saving Lives With Your Smartphone

The new SureWash Pocket app uses “augmented reality” to teach you hand hygiene to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. To use the app lay the phone on a table and the front facing camera will measure your hand hygiene skills. Your teacher, Jimmy the Germ, will show you how to improve your skills. By passing each level you will build your skills but can you pass level 5 where there are no hints?

Eighty percent of infections are transmitted on the hands. Studies have shown that the WHO method is the most effective way to kill germs on hands but it can be difficult to learn. SureWash Pocket makes this training fun and accessible to all by using the phone camera to measure your technique and give you feedback on how to improve. 

SureWash develops hand hygiene training solutions for healthcare, food and education organizations. SureWash says it is making its technology available for  free so that hig- quality hand hygiene training is accessible to a global community of carers.

"Our students returned for their immersion and were able to use the SureWash GO hand hygiene trainer," says Mary Showstark, an educator with the Yale PA online program, Yale Medical School, in New Haven, Conn. "They became very competitive and really learned the motions of proper hand hygiene. The muscle memory sticks with you and many students, myself included, now find ourselves washing our hands the proper way every time. One student said to me today, I need to keep practicing on the SureWash Pocket app so I don’t forget. This is our goal as educators and SureWash has created a fun way for students to engage, learn, and fight the spread of infection.”

SureWash Pocket can be downloaded for free from the Apple APP Store and the Google Play Store.

Source: SureWash