Sick of Germs in the Workplace? Fight Back with Eugene 'Call Me Hi Gene' Hammer


Do workplace germs gross you out? Having trouble getting co-workers to adopt good hygiene habits? Then Eugene Hammer just might be your man.
The star of a new video series designed to tackle the spread of cold and flu germs, Eugene is a germ-conscious employees dream come true a guy wholl jolt less hygienic co-workers into action. Its also an instance where germs and going viral could prove to be a winning combination.
Thats because the first 250 people who view the videos will receive a desk caddy with Kleenex hand sanitizers, anti-viral facial tissue and Scott sanitizing wipes. Plus theyll be treated to a series of entertaining encounters as Eugene encourages a wacky group of workers to take the pledge and break the chain of germ transmission via a three-step wash, wipe, sanitize protocol.

Its a serious message delivered all in good fun by Eugene Call Me Hi Gene Hammer, who is portrayed with over-the-top enthusiasm by actor Lester Speight (Transformers, Norbit).

The five-episode series is being released by The Healthy Workplace Project, a Kimberly-Clark Professional program that gets employees actively involved in helping to reduce the spread of cold and flu germs throughout the office. It will be rolled out every two weeks on The Healthy Workplace Project website
Research shows that more than one-third of employees are germ-conscious and care about the health and cleanliness of the workplace.

Were trying to help these advocates transform their workplaces by influencing co-workers as well as their office and facility managers, says Joel Schellhammer, Go to Market Director, Offices and Education, Kimberly-Clark Professional. Eugene, with his unorthodox methods and humorous approach, is a champion of these conscientious employees. He gets workers to pay attention and take germ prevention seriously.
To keep office workers healthy during cold and flu season, Kimberly-Clark Professional will send a supply of desk caddies to the first 250 viewers who watch the videos. Considering that 98 percent of workers are affected by minor illnesses each year, the caddies should come in handy. For details and contest information, visit
The Healthy Workplace Project is a Kimberly-Clark Professional initiative that takes an innovative approach to hand and surface hygiene to help employees understand, eliminate and prevent the spread of cold and flu germs throughout their offices. It aims to put a dent in the 560 million expected cases of the common cold this year and reduce the absenteeism and productivity losses from colds, the flu and other illnesses. It does so by providing a comprehensive range of educational materials and innovative solutions to maintain hand and surface cleanliness, including:

- The Healthy Workplace Project Desk Caddy, with three tools for washing, wiping and sanitizing Kleenex moisturizing instant hand sanitizer, Kleenex anti-viral facial tissue and Scott disinfectant wipes.
- The Kimberly-Clark Professional Automatic Door Handle Disinfector, a new offering that safely and effectively kills 99.9 percent of most common viruses and bacteria on the door handle.
- The Electronic Skin Care Cassette Dispenser Floor Stand, a portable instant hand sanitizing station that can be placed in multiple locations.
- Educational materials, including content on The Healthy Workplace Project website, the Eugene Hammer videos, posters and other signage to encourage employees to adopt healthier hand and surface hygiene habits.
The good news is you can significantly reduce your chances of catching a cold by practicing effective prevention measures, Schellhammer says. By consistently following the wash, wipe, sanitize protocol, you can reduce your chance of catching a cold or the flu by as much as 80 percent.

To view the videos or for more information about The Healthy Workplace Project, go to


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