Sierra Pacific Research Discovers New Anthrax-Killing Agent

CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Sierra Pacific Research Company, a chemical research company specializing in nano-silicate crystallization technology, today announced preliminary lab results indicating its patent-pending spray-on solution of Bio-DECON anti-bacterial agent kills both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including the vegetative and spore types of Bacillus anthracis (anthrax).

Testing at a large independent research organization in the Midwest showed a laboratory-diluted amount of Bio-DECON (a 4 percent solution) had an immediate deleterious impact on anthrax colony-forming units (CFUs), disabling 96 percent of the anthrax within two minutes of exposure. Continued exposure for 60 minutes increased the "kill ratio" to more than 99 percent. (A copy of the report containing the test results can be found online at .)

"The results are very promising for bio-defense," said Terry R. Holmes, CEO of Sierra Pacific Research. "We hope Bio-DECON will provide emergency response teams and government agencies with a way to address serious bio-defense issues like Ames anthrax, particularly with neutralization and decontamination of the biological agent."

Ames anthrax is a weapons-grade form of anthrax that can be contracted through airborne transmission, which is uncharacteristic of most strains of Anthrax. This form of Ames anthrax has been mutated to the point that it can carry or "saddle" potentially epidemic diseases with it. Diseases normally transmitted through touch, including black plague and smallpox, gain airborne transmission capability when "saddled" with the Ames strain.

"Ames anthrax has a globally destructive potential and has raised biological and weaponized germ warfare threats to frightening new levels," Holmes said. "Bio-DECON's preliminary results are promising in combating Ames and other weaponized germ warfare agents. Its nano-silicate crystals kill or neutralize the vegetative and spore types of Anthrax and other gram-negative and gram-positive types of the bacteria by shredding the cellular wall of the microorganism."

Nano-silicate crystallization is a chemical process that produces miniaturized silicate crystals similar to shards of glass. When mixed with water, Bio-DECON starts a non-toxic electro-chemical reaction that produces these silicate crystals. When Bio-DECON interacts with the water in the targeted cell structure like Ames anthrax, the growing network of nano-structured blades of silicate crystals mechanically shreds and ruptures the cell, spore, virus or bacteria wall. The razor-like silicate blades additionally destroy any spore, virus or bacteria that moves across its crystallized surface at a later time.

Although a chemical process creates the silicate crystals, it is a mechanical process that destroys the cellular wall of the spore, virus or bacteria. The mechanical killing action is what differentiates Bio-DECON from other decontaminants that destroy by using a chemical process. Additionally, certain types of gram-negative bacteria don't allow a chemical charge to penetrate the cellular wall. Bio-DECON mechanically penetrates the cellular wall of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Source: Sierra Pacific Research