Silver Lining Textiles Launches Technical Medical Uniform Designed to Reduce Bacteria


Silver Lining Textiles (SLT) launches UNDER SCRUB, a medical technical base layer that kills the bacteria that causes infection, with hopes of reducing transmission from patient to patient.

UNDER SCRUB announces its use of innovative yarn technology in the weaving of a protective base layer to help fight the spread of hospital-acquired infections. Products are available exclusively at the company's e-commerce site

"We've done extensive research and development to create a product with superior efficacy against commonly occurring bacteria encountered in both hospitals and the community," says Jason Katsapetses, founder and CEO of SLT. "Independent test results consistently demonstrate rapid and massive reduction of bacteria within minutes of exposure to our highly technical fabric."

UNDER SCRUB is one of the first revolutionary base layers with antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties that are embedded "within the yarn," thus remaining effective for the life of the garment. This new yarn technology, using natural elements, is designed to deliver extreme permanent protection, unlike harsh chemical finishes that are applied topically.

Kevin Young, MD, SLT's medical director, notes, "We speculate that this innate antimicrobial ability could dramatically reduce the risk of nosocomial infection and microbial transmission both in the hospital and the community. This would reduce risk without any active participation by the healthcare provider wearing our technical fabrics. Unlike handwashing, this product does not require someone following protocol."

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