Study: Animals Treated with Antibiotics Causes Human Resistance

BETHESDA, Md - Researchers from the University of Maryland have calculated a mathematical model to determine how humans are effected by animals treated with antibiotics.

The study was conducted to further understand a growing cause of alarm within public health - the increase of antibiotic resistance. The team found that antibiotics given by farmers to livestock create resistance in humans who eat or handle the medicated meat. Farmers have reportedly used antibiotics to increase the size of farm animals for years. It is not understood how the practice has effected zoological health, but is has shown to increase human resistance.

U.S. poultry farmers recently announced they would stop using antibiotics in chicken and turkey production. A bill has also been announced to eliminate the use of drugs in animals for nontherapeutic use. These drugs include: penicillin, tetracycline and Cipro.

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