Tasker Capital, Corp. Secures Additional Funding for the World's First Clinically Proven Antimicrobial "Breath Drink"

BOSTON -- Tasker Capital, Corp., manufacturer and marketers of BreathRephresh, the world's first clinically proven antimicrobial "breath drink," announced today an additional investment from a group of private investors. Tasker Capital, Corp. will use the financing for working capital requirements and has now raised more than $1.1 million for BreathRephresh.

"We are delighted to have secured additional investments that will enable the company to deliver integrated national marketing campaigns to support the launch of our key product BreathRephresh," said Arthur P. Bergeron, president of Tasker Capital Corp.

Associate clinical professors from Tufts University have shown how using BreathRephresh works instantly to control germs and bacteria that cause bad breath, while helping to prevent cavities and reducing plaque. Unlike other consumer antiseptic products that indiscriminately kill all bacteria, BreathRephresh leaves behind the healthy flora essential for immune response and a normal healthy clean mouth. BreathRephresh is unlike any mouthwash or antiseptic because it is the only product designed to be safe enough to swallow and is made without alcohol or harsh chemicals. BreathRephresh provides extra protection beyond mouthwash to effectively eliminate odors caused by both the gastro intestinal and respiratory tracts. BreathRephresh is clinically proven to work more effectively and last longer than any antiseptic or mouthwash available on the market today. BreathRephresh is made of a trade secret formula which includes the following natural ingredients: Shiitake mushroom extract, citrus extracts, vitamin B6, vitamin C, xylitol, copper sulfate, ginger and spearmint.

Source: Tasker Capital, Corp.