Thomson Reuters Introduces Infection Xpert to Improve Infection Prevention Workflow, Reduce HAIs


Thomson Reuters, a provider of information for healthcare professionals, has launched Infection Xpert a clinical intelligence dashboard that helps infection preventionists (IPs) manage and reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), capture and submit mandated infection reporting metrics, and analyze hospital infection data to improve patient safety.

Infection Xpert delivers critical information and functionality in a single dashboard:

- Automated surveillance of real-time clinical data to identify patients at risk of or with a new infection.

- Collection and reporting of data about CDC-defined HAI events.

- Data visualizations.

- Integrated, patient-specific Micromedex® clinical reference content.

Infection Xpert uses evidence-based clinical decision support (CDS) rules to identify medical threats earlier. For example, the tool automatically identifies patients exhibiting signs of a serious infection and in need of immediate attention. More than 70 hospitals now use this technology to monitor patients in real-time for high-risk conditions.

The Infection Xpert solution includes a library of pre-built CDS rules developed using Micromedex evidence-based reference processes. These rules cover high-priority categories such as multi-drug resistant organisms, clostridium difficile infection, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection, and CDC-defined HAIs such as central line-associated bloodstream infection.

Using data aggregated from disparate information systems throughout the hospital, Infection Xpert presents IPs with a single view of comprehensive data about their patients, including critical lab values, medication lists, vital signs, microbiology reports, demographics, transcribed reports and more. With Infection Xpert, they can submit, collect and report National Healthcare Safety Network event and denominator data.

The IP also can access patient-specific Micromedex reference information with a single click. With real-time access to this comprehensive patient data and reference content, IPs are equipped with all the information they need to make fully informed treatment decisions.

"I am very excited about Infection Xpert, our latest Intelligent Evidence offering," says Thomas Hegelund, executive vice president at Thomson Reuters. "By integrating Micromedex clinical content with our Clinical Xpert surveillance platform, we insert the right information into the clinician's workflow. For example, Infection Xpert applies a large number of rules to constantly query our real-time clinical data repository, achieving ongoing patient monitoring focused on infection prevention," he said. "This is fascinating technology that meets the needs of hospitals addressing patient safety priorities, as well as reporting demands and reimbursement issues."

Infection Xpert is part of the Clinical Xpert suite of workflow solutions. It can be quickly integrated within any hospital IT environment giving IPs full access to critical clinical data. For more information, visit

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