Triad Group Products Continue to be Recalled from the Canadian Market

Following potential bacterial contamination or inadequate sterilization of products in the United States, the Triad Group, including their Canadian importers and distributors, have voluntarily initiated a series of recalls of a number of products used by consumers throughout North America. The recall of Triad Group manufactured products began in early January 2011.

Triad Group manufactured products being voluntarily recalled from the Canadian market include alcohol swabsticks, swabs, prep pads and lubricating jelly. Alcohol swabsticks, swabs and prep pads are used to cleanse or disinfect a particular area of the body. Lubricating jelly is used to lubricate body orifices for the insertion of medical devices, such as catheters.

As a result of these recalls, Health Canada has been working with a multitude of companies, distributors, wholesalers and retailers of the Triad Group's affected products. To this end, Health Candad says it has been monitoring the various recalls from the Canadian market and regularly informing Canadians and Canadian healthcare practitioners Some of the affected Triad Group manufactured health products are co-packaged with drugs and lubricating jelly and included in medical kits. It is important to note that only the Triad Group manufactured products are being recalled.