TSO3 Simplifies Sterilization of Complete Heavy-Duty, Battery-Powered Orthopedic Instrument Sets

TSO3 Inc. announces it has completed sterile efficacy validation for multiple, heavy-duty battery-powered orthopedic instrument sets in a single sterilization cycle of the company's STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer.

These large and heavy instrument sets consist of batteries, attachments, handpieces and inserts. The instrument sets are often split up and sterilized in multiple steam cycles or a combination of the traditional steam and legacy low-temperature sterilization (LTS) systems. The STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer has been validated to process complete instrument sets in a single cycle -- allowing the instruments to travel together within a hospital and arrive sterile at the operating room together.  This means faster turn-around times, simpler instrument management and cost-effective reprocessing when compared to traditional steam and LTS systems.

"This sterile efficacy validation demonstrates our STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer's ability to streamline medical device reprocessing for orthopedic instrument sets," said TSO3 president and CEO R.M. Rumble. "Our technology replaces the need for steam sterilization of these sets and allows customers to keep their instrument sets together during reprocessing, which allows for efficient, flexible, safe and cost-effective healthcare sterile reprocessing to improve patient care."

TSO3 recently announced that it had received U.S. clearance for extended claims relating to the terminal sterilization of multi-channel flexible endoscopes. The FDA clearance of additional claims represents an entirely new level of patient protection against ineffective device reprocessing resulting from the use of less robust systems like high-level disinfection, particularly for video colonoscopes and gastroscopes.

Source: TSO3 Inc.