Unique Surgical Glove Designed to Replace Double Gloving

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LOS ANGELES, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- A unique, high-sensitivity, double

surgical glove that saves time and money will be debuted at the Association of

periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Congress in San Diego, March 20-25, 2004. The glove was developed by Bio-Barrier Inc., an infection control technology company

based in Los Angeles.

The new glove features two separate layers originating from a single cuff

at the wrist. It is more comfortable than wearing two separate gloves, a practice common among surgeons and nurses who recognize

that two layers of barrier help wipe off more pathogens from a needlestick or

sharps injury than a single layer. Several studies confirm the relationship

between double gloves and the reduction in pathogens. The company's patents

allow the glove to be made of thin layers of latex or polymer while utilizing

current powder-free technologies.


According to the company, the double glove will save time and money for

hospitals and medical practices by reducing the time associated with double

donning, by reducing the amount of packaging currently used for single glove

sets, and by reducing inventory, storage and waste.

Bio-Barrier holds more than 20 U.S. and international thin-film patents that

address new dipping processes for latex and polymer thin films. These patents

significantly expand the potential array of protective products available to

healthcare and humanitarian workers. Product applications include surgical,

exam and occupational gloves, first responder equipment, and personal

protection coverings such as condoms.

Prototypes of the new double surgical glove will be available in the

Bio-Barrier exhibit at the AORN Congress, Booth #3807.

Source: Bio-Barrier Inc.