United States Army Places Largest Order of PrISMedical's Portable Hand-Held Water Purification Device

NAPA, Calif. -- PrISMedical Corporation announces the receipt of its largest order to date for the MainStream Water Purification Device from the United States Army. The Office of Rapid Equipping Force, the Army unit charged with assessment, procurement, and placement of new technologies in battlefield settings, cited military and humanitarian requirements for sterile water in Iraq and Afghanistan. In support of the war effort, PrISMedical has donated the first shipment, which is expected to arrive in Kuwait and Afghanistan beginning this week.

MainStream is the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved product in a series of portable hand-held products that enable individuals to produce sterile therapeutic solutions on demand at the point of use. MainStream decontaminates water to produce pharmaceutical grade sterile water for medical therapies such as wound irrigation and purified drinking water for rehydration. Future products will combine the hand-held capabilities of producing pharmaceutical grade water and reconstituting therapeutic agents to deliver a broad spectrum of electrolyte solutions, pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and bio-tech derived drugs including vaccines.

"This order validates the unmet need for the ability to produce complex therapies on demand in a difficult environments we refer to as 'prehospital' settings," said Mark Sizelove, president and CEO of PrISMedical Corporation. Prehospital settings consist largely of civilian populations and, to a lesser extent, military situations around the world that suffer trauma, acute and chronic medical conditions, with limited or no access to hospitals. These situations occur during disaster relief in developed countries and in developing countries where infrastructure is inadequate. "Our technology platform will transform medical practice with products that change how, when and where fluid therapy is delivered. In doing so, our products will enable individuals to improve patient outcomes in prehospital settings where the majority of the world's medical requirements exist."

The MainStream portable hand-held device weighs 1.1 pounds, is about the size of a 12-ounce can of soda and produces three liters of sterile water.

PrISMedical was founded in 1996 with the strategic objective of creating a new business sector by targeting large underserved markets with a new category of hand-held medical systems that provide real-time access to a broad spectrum of fluid therapies.

Source: PrISMedical Corporation