U.S. Market for PPE Could Exceed $14 Billion in 2013

A new market research report from Reportlinker.com, "Personal Protective Equipment in the U.S.," estimates the U.S. market for personal protective equipment (PPE) will top $13 billion in 2012.

As the economy begins to heat up, U.S. PPE sales should exceed $14.1 billion in 2013, which represents an 8.2 percent increase over the 2012 figure. The strengthening global economy should increase the growth rate in 2015 with PPE sales in the U.S. anticipated to hit $16.7 billion.

The PPE sector is comprised of a group of products that are designed to protect users from occupational hazards, injuries and illnesses, including body protection and protective clothing, hand and foot protection, head and face protection, and respiratory protection.