VigiLanz Implements NHSN Direct Reporting

VigiLanz, a digital healthcare technology company headquartered in Minneapolis, announces that it has enhanced the capabilities of its current National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) full feature solution suite by adding NHSN Direct Reporting, as a reporting option for infection preventionists (IPs). IPs selecting the Direct CDA Reporting option in the VigiLanz software-as-a-service (SaaS) application and workflow are now able to complete all aspects of NHSN work, without having to employ separate logins into NHSN or needing to handle separate files.

All U.S. hospitals are required to collect and submit their infection rates to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). VigiLanz’ SaaS technology enables hospital IPs to leverage innovative case detection methods as well as data auto-population to make the typically time consuming task of infection surveillance much more efficient and effective, improving healthcare providers’ capabilities to combat healthcare-acquired infections. Direct CDA Reporting sends authenticated, encrypted infection reports from VigiLanz directly to NHSN without requiring separate logins. By adding Direct CDA Reporting capabilities, users are now also able to significantly reduce data submission time, as well.

“It is imperative that healthcare institutions migrate to a more modern system of reporting,” says Stacy Pur, vice president of clinical intelligence at VigiLanz. “Innovative, efficient and flexible reporting methods are required to free up the IP staff to enable them to focus on infection prevention activities, improving patient outcomes across the continuum of care without adding FTE’s. The VigiLanz system delivers greater efficiency by providing multiple, flexible means for both case identification and mandated reporting, filling the gaps that some states are experiencing related to limited CDA options, and that some hospitals are encountering related to EMR data limitations.”

Source: VigiLanz Corporation