VigiLanz Unveils Infection Prevention Toolkit for Hospitals

VigiLanz Corporation, a leading healthcare software technology provider, has unveiled the Dynamic Infection Control Tool Box to assist providers with healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) prevention efforts. The Dynamic Infection Control Tool Box will benefit clinicians well beyond basic reporting, according to Stacy Pur, VigiLanz product manager.

Our tool box for Infection Preventionists (I-Ps) comprises numerous capabilities well beyond reporting and surveillance, and is particularly relevant to inefficiencies associated with manual data entry and paper-based processes, says Pur. The goal of infection prevention is to prevent infections. The toolbox provides users with the tools to do this.
Pur says VigiLanz Dynamic Infection Control Tool Box is a new enhancement that closely follows the companys release earlier this year of increased reporting tools that help providers meet the new National Safety Healthcare Network (NHSN) requirements in 2012.

Our suite of tools is distinctive in todays marketplace. Weve combined national guidelines with feedback from our community of hospital IPs to develop components that maximize accuracy and efficiency in their infection prevention efforts.

NHSN is a national healthcare surveillance network that collects data from health care facilities across the United States with the goal of improving patient safety and addressing the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAI). Stepped up NHSN reporting requirements and standards are being driven by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), primarily through CMS reimbursement adjustments to facilities that meet improved reporting requirements and demonstrate reductions in HAI and other quality indicator metrics. According to CMS, it intends to incentivize healthcare facilities to decrease and prevent the occurrence of HAIs and improve quality of care.