Warning About triCitrasol

Don't Infuse in Patients

ROCKVILLE, MD- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that triCitrasol may cause death when infused into patients. TriCitrasol is a 46.7% concentration of sodium citrate anticoagulant used to keep bloodlines open. A case has been discovered in which a patient died of cardiac arrest after triCitrasol was injected full strength into a hemodialysis permanent blood access catheter that had just been implanted. Rapid or excessive infusion of citrate solutions can cause fatal heart rhythm disruption, seizures, or bleeding due to loss of blood calcium.

TriCitrasol is manufactured by Cytosol Laboratories and is distributed by Medcomp. Both companies voluntarily recalled the product for use with blood access catheters. TriCitrasol is also used to prepare white cells for transfusion and is still available for that purpose.