Webber Training Offers Full Slate of Teleclasses

BELLEVUE, ONTARIO, Canada -- Webber Training, Teleclass Education for Healthcare Professionals, will present the following classes of interest to infection control practitioners and other healthcare workers.

Dialysis Teleclass

Dr. Matt Arduino of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will present "The Microbiology of Dialysis Fluids" on April 23, 2003. This will be the second teleclass in a series on dialysis and is already booked by hundreds of members.

Sterilization Teleclass

For anyone with an interest in reprocessing, this teleclass will be a must-attend. "Quality Assurance in Sterilization - Steam and ETO" will be led by Susan Hadfield, a reprocessing veteran. The teleclass is scheduled for April 30, 2003.

Dr. Rutala Teleclass

Dr. William Rutala, known globally for his research and for the quality of information that he presents at conferences, will present the teleclass titled, "Disinfecting Patient Care Equipment" on May 22, 2003. This teleclass will be of interest to anyone who handles patient care equipment or who is responsible for disinfecting it. This teleclass is being sponsored by Virox Technologies.

Dr. Larson Teleclass

North America's most prominent authority on hand hygiene, Dr. Elaine Larson, will present the teleclass titled, "Innovations in Hand Hygiene." This respected researcher, AJIC editor, author and speaker will address an audience of thousands. Her teleclass, sponsored by Deb Medical, is scheduled for May 30, 2003.

Free CHICA Teleclass

Canada's Community and Hospital Infection Control Association (CHICA) is providing a free teleclass titled, "The Voices of CHICA" on May 8, 2003 to CHICA members and anyone else interested in what's going on in the national infection control association. Sponsored by Webber Training and several of CHICA's patron members, this will highlight the fantastic work that CHICA is doing worldwide through its cooperative efforts with APIC, ICNA and other national associations.

Read more about these teleclasses at http://www.webbertraining.com/schedule.cfm.

For more information, call (613) 962-0437.