Year in Review: Hand Hygiene

In case you missed any of this content, ICT presents the 2018 Year in Review for hand hygiene.


Behavior Modification is Key to Boosting Hand Hygiene Compliance, Avoiding Survey Deficiencies


Researchers Investigate Impact of Wearable ABHR Dispensers on Hand Hygiene Compliance

Study Explores Impact of Hand-Drying Method on Contamination and Bacteria Levels in Hospital Washrooms

Increasing Tolerance of Hospital Enterococcus faecium to Handwash Alcohols

Alcohol-Based Surgical Hand Preparation: Translating Scientific Evidence Into Clinical Practice

Identification of Product Dry-Time as a Primary Driver of ABHR Efficacy

Giving Employees 'Decoy' Sanitizer Options Could Improve Hand Hygiene

Paper Shows Infection Prevention and Control in Clinics is in Everyone's Hands

Hand Hygiene Can Lower Mortality, Antibiotic Prescription Rates in Nursing Homes