3M Dressings Help Wound Fluid Management

ST. Paul, Min.. - Officials at 3M have created a line of foam dressings to help effectively manage fluids from draining wounds.

The 3M Foam Dressings, which are available in adhesive and non-adhesive styles, have a non-swelling polyurethane foam pad that prevents exudates pooling. The padding is also breathable and helps moisture evaporate from the dressing.

"We believe clinicians will see remarkable results when suing 3M Foam Dressings," says Gary Ackert, marketing manager. "Traditionally, heavily draining wounds have required frequent dressing changes, resulting in higher material expenses and discomfort for patients. But the combination of fast wicking, high absorbency and breathability in 3M foam Dressings can extend the time between dressing changes and promote the health of periwound skin,"

For more information, visit: www.3m.com