3M Easy Clean System Brings Floor Care Into the 21st Century


ST. PAUL, Minn. Ergonomics and worker discomfort issues are becoming more prevalent in the maintenance industry, and their association with traditional mopping methods is increasingly evident. With the old mop and bucket system, loop mops are wrung out often and that action, along with the repetitive motion of mopping and lifting pails of water and chemical solutions that weigh 40 pounds or more on average, is a strain on employees and a cost burden for employers. Now, 3M introduces a new hard floor cleaning system one that saves time, labor and money, and dispels the notion that floor care has to be tedious, difficult work.


The Commercial Care Division of 3M introduces three hard-floor care systems leveraging unique 3M technology that collectively create the new 3M Easy Clean System.  The new Easy Clean System from 3M provides solutions to unmet needs in the areas of floor dusting, wet mopping and disinfecting, as well as floor finish application the 3M Easy Trap Duster System, the 3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System, and the 3M  Easy Shine Applicator System. These systems effectively and efficiently dust, wet mop and apply floor finish to hard flooring. The system is cost-effective and better for cleaning staff 3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System and 3M Easy Shine Applicator System are designed to reduce mop drag by up to 10 times.


 Unlike conventional dust mops which simply push dust around, the 3M Easy Trap Duster is a disposable dusting product that uses 3M proprietary fibers designed to trap and hold fine and coarse dirt particles, dust, and hair. The Easy Trap Duster from 3M provides two-sided high performance and is disposable, providing maximum usability and cost-effectiveness.  And, the 3M Easy II Holder exposes both sides of the cloth with no touching or repositioning required. The flexible holder allows dusting of even hard-to-reach corners. The result of these features is increased performance by up to six times that of other dust-mopping methods.


The 3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System addresses the need for cleaning/disinfecting with ease of use and cost efficiency.  The system is lightweight, ergonomically designed and has very low drag on the floor, which helps to significantly reduce worker fatigue. The unique, dual-microfiber construction of the 3M Easy Scrub flat mop provides faster cleaning with up to ten times less drag than other flat mops. Excess use of chemicals is reduced by an on-demand, operator-controlled dispensing mechanism built directly into the handle cutting chemical waste by as much as 80 percent. Cross-contamination is virtually eliminated with the ability to change cleaning mops as often as necessary. With a handy buddy-jug station, the flat mop tool can be refilled directly at the work site, eliminating trips to the janitorial closet. The 3M Easy Scrub flat mop is washable and reusable. And, with a design similar to the Easy Trap Duster by 3M, the Easy Scrub Tool by 3M features a flexible head for cleaning difficult-to-reach places.




Rounding out the complete 3M Easy Clean System is the 3M Easy Shine Applicator System. The Easy Shine Applicator System by 3M utilizes a backpack system for chemical application that  reduces chemical waste. Even better, the Easy Shine Applicator System by 3M is nearly four times faster when applying floor finish compared to traditional mop and bucket applications, reducing labor costs by up to 70 percent.  The backpack system comes standard with a refillable backpack pouch that accepts any brand of floor finish and works with most other floor cleaners.  Like the Easy Scrub system by 3M, it is also lightweight, ergonomically designed and has very low drag on the floor, all helping to significantly reduce worker fatigue.  The applicator pad can be easily washed and reused.


 Each element of this new approach to floor care boasts unique benefits and, functioning together, the Easy Clean System from 3M can cut chemical waste, increase performance, reduce worker fatigue, and reduce labor time, says Kevin McNulty, marketing manager for 3M. With each piece ergonomically designed, the entire line is lightweight and convenient, and made to fit a facilitys needs.


 In addition, the 3M S.M.A.R.T. Program, which comprises 3Ms most successful technology solutions for cleaning and maintenance management, provides complete, customizable training for the 3M Easy Clean System, says McNulty. Implementation of the S.M.A.R.T. Program helps establish standard cleaning procedures and makes it easier to comply with JCAHO, OSHA and infection control guidelines.


Source: 3M Commercial Care



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