AHF Commends Sheriff's Department for Successful HIV Prevention and Testing Project in LA County Jails

LOS ANGELES -- AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest AIDS treatment provider in the United States, commends the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as a recipient of the Los Angeles County's 18th Annual Quality and Productivity Awards for its successful HIV prevention and testing corrections demonstration project.

"AHF would like to acknowledge the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for its support and implementation of this much needed service," said Karen Mall, director of Prevention and Testing for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the organization that provides the testing in these facilities. "HIV testing in county jails is an important public health issue and we are heartened that the Sheriff's Department is facing this issue head on."

The Sheriff's Department facilitates access for AHF and other LA County HIV testing programs to provide STD screening, individual case management, health education and treatment adherence for people who test positive for HIV.

"AHF has been providing HIV testing services in Los Angeles County jails for over two years. We provide services in five county jail facilities and have recently expanded services into Men's Central Jail and Twin Towers. Services are offered to both men and women, with over 400 individuals testing every month," said Michael Garcia, regional manager, AHF Prevention and Testing Department. "Special thanks needs to be given to Karen Dalton, director, Correctional Services Division, Tracy Jordan, HIV/AIDS program coordinator, correctional staff and medical services personnel for their ongoing efforts in making HIV testing as convenient and accessible as possible for the inmates."

The LA County Sheriff Department was presented a plaque during the Tuesday Board of Supervisor's meeting. It was a recipient of the Quality and Productivity Award.

Source: AIDS Healthcare Foundation