American Biotech Labs Receives EPA Approval as Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

ALPINE, Utah -- American Biotech Labs (ABL) has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its ASAP-AGX-32 product as a non-toxic disinfectant for use in hospitals, as well as medical facilities, business establishments, and residences. The approval, which covers a full range of the deadliest pathogens, states that the solution is effective against the following microorganisms:

- Gram-negative bacteria (i.e., Salmonella choleraesis)

- Gram-positive bacteria (i.e., Staphylococcus aureus)

- Nosocomial bacterial pathogen (i.e., Pseudonomas aeroginosa)

This ABL product is colorless, odorless and completely non-toxic; thus, it can be sprayed around people in medical facilities with no harmful side affects.

ABL makes other products that are patented and sold as mineral supplements. These products, which have no reported side effects, have been proven to kill bacteria and are presently used by tens of thousands of people. They have gained homeopathic drug approval as internal and external antibiotics in Ghana and several other West African countries where the product has been used with a great deal of success in hospitals and clinics.

Source: Clifton Mining Company