American Green Technology Launches Arcalux Health Risk Management System

American Green Technology introduces its newest product, the Arcalux® Health Risk Management System, designed to light and purify the space where it is installed. The Arcalux® HRMS offers a 99 percent effective pathogen kill rate for viruses, fungi and bacteria which can cause healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

The six-inch-tall device offers constant airborne protection 24 hours a day using less than 100 watts of energy, which is comparable to the energy required to light a single light bulb. The housing includes room lighting that replaces 2 x 4 fluorescent fixtures seamlessly. Disguised as a lighting fixture the innovative design not only illuminates the room, but also purifies the air as well.

We are dedicated to offering products that enhance the way we work, in every industrywhether its manufacturing, the office setting or hospitaland also to reducing energy use and pollution, says Meredith Jimenez, corporate communications director of American Green Technology®, which has a network of professional independent lighting representatives across the United States and internationally, in more than a dozen countries worldwide.
The Arcalux® HRMS, which replaces an existing florescent lighting fixture or can be installed in the ceiling as an additional fixture, was invented by Mark Welker. Welker, a seasoned, award-winning designer who has developed equipment for a myriad of industries, ranging from everyday products for the home to heavy duty machinery for the oil field production industry, states that the Arcalux® HRMS is his most rewarding invention to date.

In todays world, this product hits three of our most prominent issues including energy use, pollution, and the quality of healthcare, says Welker who, during his more than 25 years of experience, has secured multiple patents worldwide.

The Arcalux® HRMS uses differential pressure, filtration, purification and dilution to purify approximately 50 cubic feet per minute. An independent study shows that the constant flow of air, in and out of the machine provides a 99 percent disinfection rate (first-pass kill rate is 97 percent), and thoroughly changes the total room volume of air in a typical 10-foot x 10-foot room with an 8-foot ceiling every 16 minutes; down to the floors and reaching every corner. The fixture has intake and exhaust vents with grilles set at a 30-degree angle, which is optimal to pull the air in and push it out in a pattern that avoids re-circulating the same air over and over. Together, the grilles create a flow in the room that interrupts stagnant air in corners and along the base of walls.

Employing ultraviolet C germicidal technology, which has been used in surgical centers for more than 80 years to kill pathogens, the Arcalux® HRMS features a patented design that incorporates an enclosed chamber with a UV lamp system that operates at the peak energy emission wavelength of 253.7 nanometersthe confirmed wavelength needed, according to OSHA and the CDC, to achieve a germicidal effect strong enough to kill TB bacteria in a hospital setting. No UV-C rays escape the interior pathogen removal chamber as the UV-C lamp is safely enclosed inside the device. It is designed with an automatic shutoff that prevents any possibility of accidental UV-C exposure. A specialized filter removes large dust particles to protect internal components. For ease of use, the entire unit requires only yearly maintenance on the lamp and filter all without the use of tools. In addition, the Arcalux® HRMS works with any HVAC system in place without disturbing airflow or requiring new ductwork.

Source: American Green Technology