AmeriNet Expands Agreement with Dornoch Medical Systems for Managing Infectious Fluid Wastes

ST. LOUIS -- AmeriNet, Inc., a leading healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO), has expanded its agreement with Dornoch Medical Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of infectious fluid waste disposal systems, for Dornoch's Transposal system for infectious fluid waste collection and disposal. The original four-year agreement for Dornoch's original Redaway system became effective Feb. 1, 2000.

Dornoch's Transposal system is an extension of the Redaway system that was introduced in 1997. Both systems are built around specially designed disposal units and reusable fluid collectors. More than 60 million suction canisters, representing some 250 million pounds of infectious waste, are disposed of annually.

Fluids collected in suction canisters during surgery present an expensive disposal challenge. While infectious waste represents approximately 20 percent of all hospital waste, it accounts for more than 75 percent of disposal costs.

Using simple, automated engineering controls, canisters are safely emptied into a sanitary sewer and cleaned. The new Transposal Safety Station terminally disinfects reusable fluid collectors in about 1 minute. The Transposal cleaning cycle uses enzymatic cleaner and the disinfecting cycle uses inexpensive household bleach.

"We are highly gratified that AmeriNet has expanded its agreement with us," says Gary Mostow, Dornoch president. "OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations are increasing administrative burdens associated with infectious waste, particularly relating to employee exposure, transportation and final disposal. Our Redaway and Transposal systems manage infectious fluid wastes through a unique technology that ensures worker safety and cost efficiency."