Ansell Healthcare Renews its Commitment to Latex Gloves

RED BANK, N.J. -- Scott Papier, regional director of professional/consumer for Ansell Americas, announces that Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC will continue to manufacture, market, and sell latex gloves, preferred by many healthcare professionals because of their superior feel and infection control capabilities. As part of this commitment, Ansell Healthcare USA is developing programs that are designed to meet growing customer demand for latex gloves and address the market dynamics associated with latex. Papier also announced the company expects to expand its line of latex-free products as part of its position as the worlds largest manufacturer of protective gloves.

Ansell has been a pioneer in latex glove dipping technology for more than 100 years, Papier notes. We developed the first disposable, RTA (Ready-to-AutoClave) latex surgical gloves, the first pre-sterilized, disposable latex surgical gloves, and the first orthopedic and microsurgical latex surgical gloves. Our commitment to latex remains strong and we will not abandon our customers who prefer latex gloves. Every effort will be taken to meet the increased demand, though it will take time for our programs to take full effect.

Ansell USA is addressing current market conditions associated with latex, which include rising costs and a reduction in latex glove manufacturers. Ansell has 17 manufacturing sites across seven different countries, and has contractual relationships with suppliers to enhance capacity, when needed. Ansell has recently initiated communications with its distributor partners to assess the present market conditions, as well as to determine the on-going market need for latex gloves. This data is being used by Ansells supply chain management team to accurately forecast and deliver the high-quality latex products healthcare professionals have come to expect from Ansell.

The company has recently announced as part of its year-end address that it will invest more on research, new product development, and business development, as part of its overall operating strategy. Ansell is committed to serving and supplying latex and latex-free medical-quality gloves for the long-term and stands ready to answer customer needs.

Source: Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC