AOHP Announces Position Statement on Standards for Adult Immunization Practice

The executive board of directors for the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) recently adopted a new position statement on Standards for Adult Immunization Practice.

In its Standards for Adult Immunization Practice, AOHP strongly supports, through advocacy and education, safe administration of immunizations to adults in the healthcare workplace as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to help prevent serious illnesses and transmission of diseases, and to minimize absenteeism associated with vaccine-preventable diseases. AOHP encourages its members and their organizations to adopt the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice and implement the following steps to ensure that adult patients are fully immunized:
1. Assess immunization status of all patients in every clinical encounter.
2. Share a strong recommendation for vaccines that patients need.
3. Administer needed vaccines, or refer to a provider who can vaccinate.
4. Document vaccines received by the patients in state vaccine registries.

In addition, AOHP advocates for mandates that all healthcare personnel be offered ACIP-recommended immunizations at no charge. AOHP respects the individual healthcare worker’s right to make an informed decision regarding vaccinations and supports healthcare institutions in developing their own policies and practices to immunize their workforce consistent with the ACIP recommendations. AOHP believes that immunization of healthcare personnel is essential to their health and the health of their patients, and the organization is committed to promoting ACIP-recommended immunizations for healthcare workers and the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice in healthcare institutions represented by AOHP members.

AOHP is recognized as the definitive resource for issues related to staff in the healthcare setting and holds the exclusive mission of addressing the needs and concerns of occupational health professionals in healthcare settings, which includes the development of position statements on a variety of other related issues, such as:
• Confidentiality of Employee Health Records
• Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers
• Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
• Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare Settings
• Safe Patient Handling

AOHP is a national association representing thousands of healthcare personnel whose vision is to be the defining resource and leading advocate for occupational health, safety and well-being in healthcare. AOHP: advocates for employee health and safety; provides occupational health education and networking opportunities; promotes health and safety advancement through best practice and research; and partners with employers, regulatory agencies and related associations.

AOHP's position statements, including its new Standards for Adult Immunization Practice, are located on the AOHP Web page at

Source: AOHP