AOHP Offers Guide to Occupational Health in the Healthcare Setting

The Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) announces that it has recently published the 12th edition of its resource manual, "Getting Started: Occupational Health in the Healthcare Setting."

"Getting Started" provides an overview of the essential information that new occupational health professionals need to build a foundation for the provision of occupational health services for healthcare personnel, to ensure a safe and healthy work site, and to assist in risk management and other services for the employer. The manual also serves as a valuable reference for experienced occupational health professionals who are embarking on new projects or seeking the most up-to-date information available. In addition, "Getting Started" is a helpful tool for those preparing for occupational health nursing certification.

AOHP is a national association with more than 1,000 members whose vision is to be the defining resource and leading advocate for occupational health and safety in healthcare. The specialty practice of this field has expanded in recent years and continues to become more complex. These professionals must balance the needs of healthcare personnel to ensure a healthy workforce while being accountable to the employer and ultimately to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for patients.

A few of the areas of practice that require expertise, which are well documented in "Getting Started," include:

- New regulatory mandates and compliance requirements

- Health hazards associated with new technologies

- Emphasis on a safe and healthy work site

- Injury prevention and case management to reduce workers compensation costs

- Risk management and loss control

- Emergency preparedness including natural disasters, terrorist events and pandemic influenza

- Samples of job descriptions and forms that can be tailored to individual organizations

"Getting Started" was first authored in 1990 by AOHP members Louise Massante, MHS, C-FNP, COHN-S and Ann Stinson, MS, FNP, COHN. Since that time, more than 50 other occupational health professionals from AOHP have been involved in its biennial revision process. The manual is available electronically on CD and in hard copy in a loose leaf binder format.

For more information, or to order an electronic or hard copy of "Getting Started," call AOHP headquarters at (800) 362-4347 or e-mail