AORN Links with Unibased Systems

DENVER, Co-The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has decided to incorporate the nursing data set with Unibased Systems Architecture (USA).

The standardized nursing vocabulary developed by AORN identifies data elements and nursing language common to perioperative nursing practice. Standardized language is important to the field to allow for more accurate and complete data analysis.

Suzanne Beyea, AORN's director of research said the business agreement will help the nursing organization to distribute their system of vocabulary.

"We are pleased to have USA as one of our vendor-partners in our efforts to distribute and disseminate the entire PNDS to perioperative settings," she said. "The PNDS will enable USA to create the standardization required to assist perioperative registered nurses document their contributions to patient care. Standardization through the use of a structured vocabulary will assist in the measurement and evaluation of surgical patients' outcomes in various clinical settings."

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