AORN Offers Digital Storytelling Workshop

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The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) will offer its Digital Storytelling Workshop at AORN headquarters in Denver, Colo. Nov. 20-21, to help practitioners cultivate better instructional methods.


Digital storytelling brings stories to life, and is an effective tool for nursing education and staff development programs. Through personal reflection, digital stories can promote safe clinical practice, create Magnet stories for your department or facility, develop qualitative research projects, storyboards, and so much more!

This interactive and innovative workshop will provide you the skills and training, whether you are a novice or an expert, to design, develop and creatively express your narrative story with simple technology and digital media. Add the WOW factor to your professional development programs by incorporating pictures, video, your voice, and music to your narrative story to bring your message to life.

During this two-day interactive workshop nurses will work in groups to learn how to:

- Write a narrative script utilizing the seven elements of storytelling.

- Plan and organize your project.

- Make a voiceover and prepare media resources.

  - Finalize the digital story and be ready to launch.

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