APS to Present Surgical Safety Series at AORN Congress

Advanced Practice Strategies (APS), a leading provider of education solutions for risk management and patient safety, announces that it will present its clinically engaging, case-based, highly interactive, and easy to use Surgical Safety Series at AORN Congress in Philadelphia in March. AORNs annual Congress is the largest education and networking conference for perioperative nurse professionals in the world, boasting nearly 6,000 attendees representing 2,262 hospitals, and is also the largest surgical products trade show in the United States.

APSs innovative Surgical Safety Curriculum, developed in partnership with AORN to empower nurses in surgical settings, improve communication within surgical teams, and reduce the risk of surgical errors, will be highlighted at booth #3636 at the Congress. Each course in the curriculum addresses the primary drivers of risk and medical malpractice claims and provides practical guidelines to help surgical teams avoid or quickly respond to technical errors, OR preparation errors, and patient positioning errors. The curriculum includes a series of Surgical Resources, including Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic Error, Inguinal Hernia, and Cholectomy, as well as Bariatric Surgery and Reducing Error in the Operating Room. Additional APS courseware includes topics in patient safety, obstetrics, internal medicine, and core risk content.

"APS is delighted to attend the AORN 58th Congress," says John Harrington, APS founder and chief mission officer. Harrington will lead the Surgical Safety Series presentation and will be present at the APS exhibit to field questions from attendees. "Our goal is to demonstrate how we empower perioperative nurses with cutting edge knowledge that enables them to deliver the highest quality and safest care possible."

For more information about APS, visit www.aps-web.com. For more information about the AORN Congress, to be held March 19-24, visit www.aorncongress.org/.