Arizant Expands Bair Paws Patient-Warming System

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Arizant Healthcare Inc. has

announced the expansion of its Bair Paws patient adjustable warming system

product line to include a small sized warming gown, ideal for adolescents

and other petite surgical patients. The Bair Paws system is the first to

combine patient gowning the patient warming gown.

"If I had to grade your Bair Paws gown, it would get an A++ because of the

comfort and relaxing feeling I had," said one patient who has used the gown

prior to her surgical procedure. "The control that I had over my gown was


The Bair Paws system is designed to replace traditional patient gowns and

the need for nurses to continually change warmed cotton blankets on patients

who are waiting for or recovering from surgery. With the Bair Paws system,


patients are issued a single-use warming gown upon arrival (this replaces

traditional patient gowns).

When attached to a warming unit, patients waiting for surgery can adjust the

temperature of the air flowing through the warming gown to a comfortable

level using a hand-held temperature controller. After surgery, the attending

nurse can reconnect a Bair Paws warming unit to the warming gown and set the

temperature to help comfort patients while they recover from anesthesia.

Bair Paws warming gowns are now available in small, standard and XL sizes

and can be ordered with booties or a patient kit, which includes booties, a

bonnet, a shoe bag and a bag for patients' personal belongings. For more

information on the Bair Paws patient adjustable warming system, go to

Arizant Healthcare Inc. manufactures Bair Hugger therapy, the Ranger

blood/fluid warming system and the Bair Paws patient adjustable warming


Source: Arizant