B. Braun Launches Safety Expert Program

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Expert advice is now only a phone call or email away for clinicians and healthcare consumers who have questions about medical safety issues.

Officials at B. Braun have created the B. Braun Safety Expert program as the latest element of their People, Products and Programs - "Working Together for Excellence in Safety" initiative.

The panel of experts includes clinicians and nurses with experience in handling numerous safety issues. Panel members will also teach continuing education courses, present at conferences and conduct risk assessments for healthcare facilities.

Basic questions, such as, "What is the cost of medication errors in the U. S. today?" can be answered immediately, while more those of a more complicated nature will take consultation and research.

"Clinician and patient safety is of paramount concern to all healthcare providers," says Shelia Kempf, the company's vice president of marketing. "The volume of information, regulations and guidelines, however, can be overwhelming. Issues like medication errors, accidental needlesticks and the use of DEHP/PVC in medical devices are now in the national spotlight. B. Braun's program is a way for people to get their safety questions answered. We are confident that it will be a useful resource for clinicians writing a paper or risk managers presenting to their hospital management teams, as well as educators, the general public and journalists doing research on safety topics."

For more information, visit: www.bbraunusa.com.