B. Braun's Duplex Drug-Delivery Systems Designed to Help Reduce Medication Errors


BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- B. Braun Medical Inc. today announced the launch of a new high speed production line in Irvine, CA to meet the growing customer demand for the Duplex Drug Delivery System, a revolutionary new system designed to simplify intravenous antibiotic delivery to patients, minimize the potential for medication errors, eliminate the pharmacy labor component of IV antibiotic delivery, and reduce drug waste.

"The Duplex System has been the solution to our IV drug distribution issues," said Carole Small, pharmacy manager of the Medical University of South Carolina. "Prior to using the Duplex system, our pharmacists were using systems where a vial of drug had to be attached to an IV bag prior to administration. If the drug was not mixed at the bedside, patients could be at risk for receiving the diluent alone. Safety is our first priority so we proposed the DUPLEX system to our medication safety team. The Duplex system contains both the drug and diluent in a pre-filled IV bag so the medication error risk is eliminated."

"Since the Duplex system is easy to use and does not require pre-assembly, it has reduced the time and effort spent on manual labor. The previous systems we were using required extensive prep time and strenuous wrist/hand motion to attach the drug vial to the IV bag. Many of our technicians suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so we are pleased that the Duplex system's ready to use design minimized the physical stress on our staff. The Duplex system's design has also enabled us to reduce waste. With other drug delivery systems, we had only 15-30 days to re-use a dose that was returned once the base solution bag was removed from its over-wrap. Since the Duplex system has a long shelf life, we've cut costs by reducing our IV drug waste."

The Duplex system consists of a pre-filled, PVC-free, DEHP-free, and latex-free IV bag containing proper doses of drug and diluent in different compartments separated by a quick release seal. The caregiver simply squeezes the bag to mix the drug and diluent just prior to administration. It can be stored at room temperature and does not require a messy thawing process. Special oxygen and moisture barrier technologies are employed to protect the drug powder from vapor and oxygen transfer through the bag over the product's shelf life. The Duplex system is equipped with a UCC/EAN-128 barcode that references the final admixture and can be used to reduce medication errors, automate patient charting, track inventory and facilitate reimbursement tracking.

"We have seen tremendous customer demand for the Duplex Drug Delivery System since the product was introduced to the market," said Rob Albert, vice president for the Duplex business unit at B. Braun Medical Inc. "The launch of this new high speed line will greatly enhance production and allow B. Braun to increase inventory to meet the needs of the marketplace."

With more than 28,000 employees worldwide, B. Braun is a full line supplier of innovative healthcare products & programs designed to improve both patient and clinician safety.

Source: B. Braun

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