Baxa Corporation Introduces New PhaSeal® System Component For Accessing Needleless Connectors

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Baxa Corporation announces the release of the new PhaSeal System Connector, which attaches a PhaSeal Injector to an IV line for safe administration of hazardous drugs.  The new Luer Lock Connector was redesigned in response to customer requests for a closed system that can be used with needleless IV access devices.  The new connector is longer, to accommodate valve-actuated access devices, while ensuring that the injector needle is never exposed.


The PhaSeal System is a set of disposable containment devices that connect the original drug vial, syringe and IV injection or infusion set together for a completely sealed drug pathway.  The systems double membrane provides dry connections between system components, preventing drug leakage.  Because PhaSeal is a closed system, hazardous drugs are contained throughout the entire process of drug transfer, preparation, transport, administration and disposal.  The new connector is designed to ensure that the PhaSeal System remains closed, even with unique valve-actuated IV line access devices.


The PhaSeal System is the only documented, closed system for safe handling of antineoplastics and other hazardous drugs, affirms Agneta Ekblad, RN, vice president, Oncology Solutions for Baxa Corporation.  Closed systems have been recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Oncology Nurses Society to provide an engineering control against environmental and personal contamination.  An Alert published by NIOSH in March 2004 details research describing the significant health risks related to handling, mixing and administering hazardous drugs.  The document recommends a number of measures to reduce or eliminate human exposure to these toxic hazards in the workplace.


The new PhaSeal Connectors are currently in inventory, and replace the previously sold connectors.  Products are available directly from Baxa Corporation and also through medical products wholesalers, under the original order numbers.


Source: Baxa Corporation